Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th July 2024 Written Update: Love, Guilt, and Unexpected Twists

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GHKKPM Today Episode: In today’s episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (10th July 2024), the drama unfolds with Arman looking for the Poddars. Kaveri feeds Arman, who admits that despite hurting her, he loves her deeply. This emotional moment takes a turn when Arman reveals his love for Abhira as well, leaving Kaveri stunned and hopeful that she might accept Abhira someday.

Meanwhile, Ruhi is in trouble with the law. She pleads with the inspector, claiming she didn’t see the man in front of her car. Jaya, however, insists that Ruhi be jailed, blaming her for her husband’s accident. Manish and Ruhi try to convince the inspector of her innocence.

Abhira is conflicted about her relationship with Arman, especially after learning that she is still married. Despite this, Arman brings her a gift, and they attempt to resolve their issues. The situation escalates when Abhira receives a call from Jaya, asking her to take on her husband’s case. Ruhi also turns to Arman for legal help, revealing that Jaya is trying to frame her for the accident. Both Arman and Abhira are shocked to realize they are dealing with the same case.

The tension rises as Abhira questions whether Arman will represent Ruhi, while Arman asks if Abhira will fight against her. Abhira believes that Ruhi will always come between them because of Arman’s guilt. Arman tries to assure Abhira, deciding to maintain a professional relationship with Ruhi. Abhira, determined to seek justice, decides to take on the case against Ruhi.

Ruhi’s family is divided on trusting Arman. Manish doubts him, while Swarna supports Manish’s concerns. Surekha wonders if Ruhi’s trust in Arman will bring them closer. Ruhi becomes anxious upon learning that Abhira will be her opponent in court, fearing that their issues might influence the case. Despite this, Arman reassures Ruhi, while Abhira strategizes with Jaya.

As the episode progresses, Arman suggests settling the case outside of court, but Abhira insists on fighting for justice. This decision leads to a heated argument between them. Meanwhile, Vidya and Manisha await Arman and Abhira’s return. When Arman arrives home, they confront him about his decision to support Ruhi, urging him not to hurt Abhira. Abhira returns to find the gate locked, signaling further conflict.

Next Day: Ruhi confesses to Arman that she still loves him, shocking him. Vidya advises Abhira to stay close to Arman before it’s too late, leaving Abhira surprised.

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