Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th July 2024 Written Update: Savi and Rajat’s Emotional Turmoil

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GHKKPM Today Episode: In the latest episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein aired on 11th July 2024, we witness a series of dramatic events. Savi, while returning home with Shashank, is visibly upset as she recalls Rajat’s harsh words. Shashank, noticing her distress, asks if she is alright, reminding her of their engagement the next day. He is curious why Rajat always seems to be angry with her.

Savi explains that she is only worried about Rajat’s daughter and doesn’t care about Rajat or his family. She criticizes Rajat for being arrogant and insensitive, particularly towards his own daughter. Shashank, surprised by her strong feelings, advises her to maintain a distance from such people.

Shashank receives a call from a friend informing him about a success party Harsh is hosting for Rajat. Despite the invitation, Shashank declines, citing their upcoming engagement. He expresses his excitement about their engagement to Savi, but she responds unenthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Rajat returns home and tells Mamta to take Sai home as he has to attend the party. Mamta, disappointed, complies but grumbles about missing the party. When they arrive home, Sai starts coughing, and Mamta reacts angrily. Bhagyashree, noticing Sai’s condition, offers to make her some turmeric milk, but Mamta insists on doing it herself, trying to impress Bhagyashree. Once alone, Mamta shows her true colors, neglecting Sai’s needs and going to sleep.

At Harsh’s party, his wife Ashika notices him eagerly awaiting a special guest. When Rajat arrives, Ashika is upset, but Harsh reassures her. Harsh, in a celebratory mood, makes a grand gesture by asking Ashika to bring a special champagne. He boasts about Rajat’s achievements, but his words carry a hidden sting. The party continues with Harsh making pointed remarks at Rajat, celebrating his success while subtly undermining him.

Back at Rajat’s house, Sai continues to suffer from her cough. Irritated Mamta gives her an adult cough syrup, which doesn’t help. Eventually, Sai falls asleep but wakes up calling for help, worrying Savi.

At the party, Harsh and Ashika share a moment where he gifts her a diamond ring, claiming it to be a special day. Ashika, tempted by the ring, overlooks Harsh’s lies. Harsh uses this moment to taunt Rajat further, recalling how Rajat once gave Ashika a smaller diamond ring, now seen as insignificant. The night ends with Rajat feeling humiliated and resorting to heavy drinking.

Next Day: Savi, concerned about Sai, heads towards Rajat’s house. An inebriated Rajat confronts her, accusing her of trying to enter his life through Sai. In a dramatic turn, he pins her against a wall, throws money at her, and questions her intentions, leaving her shocked.

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