Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th June 2024 Written Update: Ishaan’s Clever Move and Bhawar Patil’s Threat

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The latest episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein begins with Ishaan and Chinmay urging Yashwant to take their names. Bhawar Patil is about to finish the countdown when Yashwant declares that he will dance. To save Ishaan and Chinmay, Yashwant tells Bhawar Patil that he loves them both. Bhawar Patil then throws a payal (anklet) at Yashwant’s feet and orders him to dance. Yashwant complies, putting on the payal and dancing to a song.

Meanwhile, Ishaan notices Surekha’s digital watch and gets an idea. He discreetly uses the watch to call the police commissioner without anyone noticing.

Durva approaches Savi, asking what she’s searching for. Savi shows her a phone, explaining that they can use it to call the police.

Bhawar Patil admires Yashwant’s dance but Yashwant begs him to release his family. Ishaan challenges Bhawar Patil, questioning if he truly believes the police won’t catch him. Bhawar Patil confidently responds that he fears no one. The police commissioner overhears this conversation and realizes the gravity of the situation at the Bhosle Institute. He immediately orders his team to head there.

Savi contacts Inder, informing him that Bhawar Patil and his men have taken everyone at the Bhosle Institute hostage and planted a bomb at the gate. Inder is shocked by the news. As Mandar approaches her room, Savi quickly ends the call. Mandar notices Savi is ready and escorts her to Bhawar Patil.

The police commissioner arrives at the Bhosle Institute with his team. Shantanu and Isha also rush to the institute, learning that the Bhosle family is in danger. Isha tries to enter, worried about Ishaan, but the police stop her.

Inder tries to inform the commissioner about the bombs but is cut off. As the police attempt to break the gate, the bomb explodes. Everyone hears the blast and wonders what has happened.

Savi confronts Bhawar Patil, asking why he is causing explosions. Bhawar Patil compliments Savi. Anvi then comes to Savi, revealing that Isha and Shantanu were on their way to the college and might be hurt in the blast. Savi is deeply worried.

Ishaan questions why Shantanu and Isha are coming. Anvi admits she called them and tried to stop them when she realized the danger, but it was too late. Surekha confesses she blocked their numbers to prevent them from stopping the wedding, but now Ishaan and Reeva’s wedding is truly halted.

Shantanu and Isha are shown injured from the blast along with the police. Inder and his team arrive at the institute. Shukla helps Shantanu regain consciousness, and Shantanu wakes Isha. Inder tells the commissioner about Savi’s warning regarding the bombs and Bhawar Patil’s plans. The commissioner decides they cannot enter the institute without knowing the bomb locations. Shantanu then suggests an alternate way in and leads the police.

Savi confronts Bhawar Patil, slapping him and criticizing him. Bhawar Patil notices there is no mehndi on Savi’s hand and orders Harini to apply it. He also makes Reeva put Mehndi on Savi’s other hand.

Shantanu shows the police another entry into the institute and accompanies them.

Savi initially refuses to have Bhawar Patil’s name on her hand, but when Bhawar Patil points a gun at Ishaan, she agrees.

Bhawar Patil notices through CCTV that the police have entered the institute. He shows this to the Bhosle family. Ishaan sees Shantanu and wonders why he is there. Bhawar Patil asks Ayush about Shantanu, and Ayush reveals that Shantanu is Ishaan’s father. Bhawar Patil then mocks Ishaan.

The episode ends with Bhawar Patil making the Bhosle family men disguise as his men and sending them in front of the police.

Next Day: Bhawar Patil disguises the Bhosle family men as his own and sends them towards the police.

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