Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th June 2024 Written Update: Savi’s Forced Marriage and Ishan’s Daring Rescue

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode of “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein” on 16th June 2024 begins with a shocking scene in the Bhosle family. Bhawar insists on marrying Savi and threatens to kill Ishan if she refuses. Yashwant suddenly brings up Shantanu’s name, wanting to know his true identity. When Bhawar learns that Shantanu is Ishan’s father, he mocks the situation and orders his goons to kill Ishan.

At that moment, Shantanu enters the Bhosle house through a secret door. He guides the police through this hidden path to help them enter safely. They carefully move towards the wedding hall, trying to communicate with Savi for final instructions. Savi tells Shantanu not to shoot initially, but due to a poor signal, there’s a misunderstanding. A police officer fires a shot, but it doesn’t hit anyone.

Ishan also comes through the secret door, and after many days, he is finally reunited with his father. Overwhelmed with emotion, they hug each other. With Ishan’s help, Shantanu and the police enter the hall. When the police officer threatens Bhawar, the villain remains unafraid. Bhawar suddenly shoots the police officer, creating a tense situation in the Bhosle house. Everyone is terrified and unsure how they will escape safely.

Aayush, frightened by the chaos, promises to help Bhawar if he lets him go. To prove his loyalty, Bhawar tells Aayush to shoot the women of the Bhosle family. Aayush refuses to follow such evil orders. A chaotic scene ensues, and Bhawar then orders Aayush to kill Ishan. Following Bhawar’s command, Aayush hits Ishan hard, causing Reva to break down in tears. Encouraged by Reva’s emotions, Aayush continues to fight. Suddenly, Isha tightly grabs Aayush’s hand.

To end the dangerous situation, Savi agrees to marry Bhawar and tells the priest to start the wedding rituals. As soon as Bhawar sits on the wedding stage, Ishan seizes the opportunity and grabs a gun. He points it at Bhawar and asks Savi to leave the stage. However, Savi refuses, fearing for everyone’s safety. To strengthen his plea, Ishan confesses his love for Savi, admitting that his heart still belongs to her.

Suddenly, a bomb explodes in the Bhosle house, threatening to destroy everything. Bhawar warns that if Savi doesn’t marry him, he will blow up the house. Savi intervenes and tells Bhawar to continue with the wedding.

Next Day: Bhawar points his gun at Ishan, ready to kill him.

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