Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18th June 2024 Written Update: Isha’s Sacrifice and Ishaan’s Bravery

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode begins with Isha reassuring Shikha that she will be alright. Bhawar Patil instructs the doctor to start Shikha’s treatment. Isha tells Bhawar Patil that Shikha is experiencing contractions due to anxiety and needs hot water. Bhawar Patil insists that Isha administer an injection, but Isha warns that it could harm the baby.

Savi asks Bhawar Patil to help Shikha, and he orders Shukla to get hot water. Savi advises Shukla not to use steel in the microwave and instead use glass, hinting at a plan. Shukla understands Savi’s hint and puts a steel utensil in the microwave, causing the lights to go out.

Bhawar Patil demands to know what’s happening. Savi mentions that Shikha’s treatment can’t proceed in the dark. Chinmay says there is a spare light in his dance room and offers to fetch it. Bhawar Patil gives Ayush a gun, instructing him to watch Chinmay to ensure he doesn’t do anything clever. Ayush agrees.

Savi tells Ishaan that she is trying to buy time and asks him to come up with a plan to save everyone. Ishaan agrees. Ayush points the gun at Chinmay, but Chinmay manages to take the gun from Ayush and brings him to the chemistry lab. Kiran arrives with a gun pointed at Ayush. Kiran tells Chinmay that Savi saved his life, so he must now save Savi’s family. Chinmay ties up Ayush in the chemistry lab, and they leave.

Kiran brings Chinmay to Bhawar Patil and concocts a story about Ayush’s absence. Kiran suggests to Bhawar Patil that they should proceed with the wedding rituals. The lights come back on.

Bhawar Patil prepares to start the wedding rituals with Savi. Ishaan asks Reeva where the hologram is, and she tells him it’s in her bag. Reeva retrieves her bag from Swati and gives it to Ishaan. Inder tells Ishaan he can help him escape by blending in with the crowd. Ishaan agrees and joins the group, slowly moving towards the side. Kiran sees Ishaan and signals for him to go. Ishaan activates the hologram and leaves.

Chinmay gives chloroform to Durva, instructing her to use it to knock out Bhawar Patil’s men. Ishaan hides in the air duct to avoid the CCTV cameras and calls the commissioner using Surekha’s watch. Ishaan informs the commissioner of the situation. The commissioner reveals that they can see everything through Isha’s glasses and instructs Ishaan to disable the CCTV footage.

Ishaan complies and discovers a bomb. He informs the commissioner, who connects him with the bomb squad. Following their instructions, Ishaan defuses the bomb. The bomb squad tells Ishaan to find and defuse the main bomb to neutralize all the bombs in the institute. Ishaan agrees and successfully defuses the main bomb. The Bhosle family starts knocking out Bhawar Patil’s men one by one.

Ishaan stops Bhawar Patil from continuing the wedding rituals. Bhawar Patil threatens to detonate the bombs, but Ishaan reassures his family that all the bombs have been defused. Bhawar Patil tries to blow up the bombs but fails. Kiran confronts Bhawar Patil, slapping him and explaining that Ishaan wouldn’t have escaped if Bhawar Patil hadn’t hurt him.

Mandar then takes Shikha hostage and demands Ishaan release Bhawar Patil. Ishaan complies. Bhawar Patil grabs his gun and taunts Ishaan. He shoots Kiran and sends his body outside to warn the police. Bhawar Patil then beats up Ishaan, and Isha cries out Ishaan’s nickname.

Next Day: Mandar reveals that Isha is Ishaan’s mother. Bhawar Patil makes a derogatory comment about her and shoots at Ishaan, but Isha steps in and takes the bullet for her son.

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