Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th June 2024 Written Update: Sacrifice, Love, and Loss

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” on 19th June 2024 starts with a tense moment as Bhawar Patil aims a gun at Ishaan. Suddenly, Isha jumps in front of Ishaan and takes the bullet meant for him. Enraged, Ishaan fights back, managing to push Bhawar Patil to the ground.

The police arrive at the Bhosle Institute, firing shots into the air to control the situation. They stop Ishaan from killing Bhawar Patil and take him into custody. Before being taken away, Bhawar Patil threatens to come back and marry Savi.

Concerned, Ishaan asks Isha if she is okay. She assures him that she is fine. Ishaan questions why she risked her life for him. Surekha steps in, explaining that a mother’s life is deeply connected to her child. She admits she was wrong about Isha, acknowledging her love for Ishaan. Surekha apologizes for her previous criticisms, but Isha asks her not to worry about it.

A doctor examines Isha and confirms that the bullet only grazed her, declaring her out of danger. Ishaan, filled with emotion, calls Isha “mom,” which makes her very happy.

Later, Ishaan goes to see Reeva, but she stops him from speaking. Reeva already knows Ishaan wants to marry her but insists that it’s not right. Instead, she brings Savi to him and suggests he marry her. Despite Ishaan’s attempts to talk, Reeva reassures him that there’s no need for an apology and suggests they remain friends. Ishaan agrees and hugs her. Reeva then tells Swati and Swanand that they can leave, and they depart in tears.

Surekha and Yashwant tell Ishaan and Savi that they believe the two are destined to be together. Yashwant encourages them to marry. The Bhosale family is thrilled. Ishaan asks Savi to take her time deciding, but Savi expresses her happiness seeing his love. Ishaan proposes to Savi, and she agrees, making everyone joyful. Yashwant requests Shukla to perform Savi’s kanyadaan, and Shukla happily accepts.

On the wedding day, Savi is nervous, fearing she might lose Ishaan as she lost her family. Ishaan reassures her, promising to stay with her forever.

During the ceremony, Bhawar Patil reappears with a gun. He aims at Shika, but Savi steps in and takes the bullet. Ishaan quickly reacts, hitting Bhawar with a coconut, causing him to drop the gun. Bhawar then grabs another gun and shoots Ishaan. In the chaos, Ishaan manages to stab Bhawar, who dies. Both Ishaan and Savi are rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Isha and Shantanu plead with Ishaan to recover for Savi’s sake. Ishaan, aware of his critical condition, asks about Savi’s well-being. Learning she is fine, he asks them to ensure Savi marries someone who will love her as he did.

Isha promises to take care of Savi, urging Ishaan to survive. Ishaan also asks Shantanu to look after Savi as his daughter, which he agrees to do. Sadly, Ishaan takes his last breath thinking of his time with Savi, leaving Isha and Shantanu heartbroken.

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