Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 20th June 2024 Written Update: A New Chapter for Savi

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode of “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein” starts with a significant time jump of seven years. Savi is now a teacher, captivating her students with her sand art storytelling. She shares the tale of Lord Ganesh, which delights both the children and their parents. The parents are pleased and applaud her teaching skills. They meet Savi and express their admiration.

The principal praises Savi, calling her a favorite among students and staff. A parent asks for her name, and she introduces herself as Savi Bhosle. The principal then asks Savi to address the questions of the parents of newly admitted students.

In a restaurant, Shantanu calls out to Isha, who initially doesn’t respond. When he refers to her as Savi’s mother, she finally answers, asking why he is shouting. Shantanu explained that he was calling her because she hadn’t responded earlier. Isha complains about the matchmaker, Shefali, who hasn’t arrived yet. The loud music in the restaurant scares Isha, prompting Shantanu to ask the DJ to lower the volume.

Shantanu comforts Isha as she recalls her fear of loud noises since Ishaan’s death. Isha then calls Shefali, who forgets their meeting but mentions a potential match for Savi, a banker named Neeraj. Isha reviews Neeraj’s profile and likes it. She reads a fortune cookie prediction, which she believes will come true, and expresses her wish to see Savi married.

A parent inquires about Savi’s children, which makes her emotional as she reveals she has none. Isha calls Savi, asking her to come home quickly. At their apartment, Isha hears loud music from the common area and turns it off, telling Mrs. Takkar and others to find another place for their workout. Savi arrives and suggests a solution, taking Isha home.

At home, Shantanu tries to drink cold water, but Savi insists he drinks room-temperature water, which he agrees to. Savi notices Isha has bought a bright saree and compliments her on the choice. Isha shares her belief in the fortune cookie’s prediction and talks about the arranged match for Savi. Savi questions if the groom’s family knows she is a widow, and Isha reassures her that they do. She encourages Savi to dress in the bright saree she picked.

Savi gets ready, reminiscing about Ishaan and missing him deeply. She talks to his photo, wondering why he made her promise something that keeps her from moving on. She feels conflicted about marrying someone else. Shantanu expresses his and Isha’s desire to see Savi happy and married.

Later, Savi, Shantanu, and Isha go to the restaurant to meet the potential groom’s family. Isha is upset to see Bhagyashree there. Shantanu informs Isha that Shefali has arrived. Shefali speaks with Bhagyashree, and Shantanu questions if Shefali suggested Bhagyashree’s son for Savi. Isha firmly denies this possibility.

Next Day: After seven years, Savi tells Saisha that her father has a PhD in coming late. Saisha’s father arrives to pick her up, and Savi confronts him about prioritizing his child. He retorts that Savi shouldn’t try to act like a mother. The voiceover questions whether their hearts will reunite.

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