Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st June 2024 Written Update: Isha and Savi Face New Challenges

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode of “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein” on 21st June 2024 begins with Shantanu mentioning to Isha that they arrived 30 minutes early. Isha notes that this allowed them to get a table. She then spots Bhagyashree at a nearby table, which angers her. Savi and Shantanu try to calm her down. Bhagyashree wonders if Isha came for the book reading. Just then, Shefali enters the restaurant.

Isha waves at her, but Bhagyashree calls Shefali over. Shefali goes to Bhagyashree, prompting Isha to question why Shefali went to her. Shantanu suggests that Shefali might have brought a marriage proposal for Savi from Bhagyashree’s son. Isha responds that if this is true, she will reject both the proposal and Shefali.

Isha approaches Shefali and firmly states she will never agree to Bhagyashree’s son’s proposal. Bhagyashree retorts that she doesn’t want her son to marry into Isha’s family either, leading to an argument. Shefali clarifies that Bhagyashree hasn’t filled out any forms yet and mentions that Savi’s potential groom will arrive in 30 minutes. Following this, Isha and Savi leave.

Meanwhile, Shefali gathers details about Bhagyashree’s son, who is shown berating his employees. Isha tells Shantanu that she will never accept Bhagyashree’s son as a match for Savi. Savi, reading a fortune cookie, gets a prediction saying “Never say never,” which Shantanu comments on. Soon, Shefali arrives with the groom’s family. Savi and Neeraj step aside to talk privately.

Savi asks Neeraj if he knows about her past. Neeraj, who is also divorced, admits he knows she is a widow. Savi mentions there’s another issue. Later, when Isha tries to contact Neeraj and Shefali, they don’t answer. Isha worries, but Savi reassures her, promising to get ice cream to cheer her up.

On her way to get ice cream, Savi sees a girl in danger as a lift is about to fall on her while saving her puppy. Savi heroically saves the girl. Meanwhile, Isha loses hope and tears up the fortune prediction, but Shantanu encourages her, saying Savi will find a good partner. The little girl, Saisha, tells Savi she’s her fairy for saving her. Saisha’s caretaker arrives, and Savi scolds her for not being attentive. Saisha explains to Savi that she sees her as a fairy for rescuing her and then leaves with the caretaker.

Saisha and her caretaker return home, leaving the puppy outside as they fear Bhagyashree’s reaction. Saisha agrees and they go inside. Bhagyashree is watching TV when Saisha gets her attention and asks her to cook something. Bhagyashree heads to the kitchen, and Saisha sneaks out to bring the puppy inside.

Later, Bhagyashree is playing cards with her husband Raju, and wins. They discuss the numerous marriage proposals for their son Rajat. Raju comments on Rajat’s inability to handle relationships.

Meanwhile, Rajat Kakkar, serving as a judge at a Miss Bengaluru beauty pageant, asks a contestant if she would choose the crown or her family. The contestant chooses family, and Rajat praises her answer.

Back at Savi’s end, she is shown applying for adoption online. A flashback reveals a doctor informing Savi and Isha that Savi can never conceive, leaving Savi heartbroken.

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