Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd June 2024 Written Update: Rajat’s Insights and Savi’s Adoption Request

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode begins with Rajat Kakkar serving as a judge at a beauty pageant. As the contestants perform their catwalk, the host asks Rajat what question he will pose to contestant number three. Rajat asks Tamanna whether she would choose her crown or her family. Tamanna confidently replies that she would always choose her family over the crown. Rajat commends her for the good answer.

Meanwhile, Savi applies online to an adoption center. She explains in her application that she cannot have children and wishes to adopt a girl. As she completes the application, she thinks about Saisha, who is shown feeding a dog.

Rajat later witnesses Tamanna angrily scolding her husband and child. She tells them that now that she has impressed the judges with the appearance of a happy family, she no longer needs their help and orders them to sit quietly in the car. Rajat, observing from a distance, thinks about his wife and concludes that Tamanna is as selfish as his wife, caring little for her family.

Rajat approaches Tamanna and greets her. Tamanna expresses her interest in modeling for his company. Rajat responds noncommittally, saying they will discuss it later.

Tamanna does not make it to the finals of the beauty pageant. After the event, she joins Rajat in his car, where he offers her champagne and asks about her life goals. Tamanna reveals she desires money, fame, and popularity. Rajat remarks that while he has all these things, he lacks a wife.

Tamanna offers to fill that role. Rajat questions her about her family, and Tamanna coldly states she will decide what to do with them. Unbeknownst to them, Tamanna’s husband is hiding in the car, listening to their conversation. He confronts Tamanna about her actions. Tamanna accuses Rajat of wrongdoing, and Rajat dismisses her.

Savi reflects on her desire for a family, concluding that she does not need to marry to achieve this; adopting a baby is also a way.

Bhagyasree discovers a dog in Saisha’s room and, scared, calls for Raju and the servant. Saisha asks if she can keep the dog at home, but Bhagyasree refuses, citing her fear of dogs.

The next day, Savi finds Saisha sitting sadly on a bench and asks her what’s wrong. Saisha explains the previous day’s events, and Savi offers to keep the dog at her house until Bhagyasree agrees to let Saisha keep it. Saisha accepts Savi’s proposal.

Bhagyasree and Raju take Saisha to school for admission. Savi receives a call from the adoption center informing her that her application has been accepted, and they will visit her home for inspection in a few days. Savi agrees.

Savi visits the school and asks a shop owner outside to look after the dog temporarily. Bhagyasree calls Rajat to inform him about Saisha’s school admission and asks him to wish Saisha good luck. Rajat cuts the call with an excuse. After Bhagyasree and Raju leave, Savi finds Saisha, who wants to talk to Rajat. Using Bhagyasree’s phone, Savi calls Rajat, who thinks it is Bhagyasree, and says he doesn’t want to talk to Saisha before hanging up. Savi makes up an excuse for Rajat’s behavior to comfort Saisha.

Harini arrives at Savi’s house with her son, Vansh, to speak with Isha and Shantanu. Savi brings the dog home and persuades Isha to let it stay, promising to clean up any mess it makes. Isha reluctantly agrees.

Next Day: Savi confronts Rajat for ignoring Saisha when she is injured, leading to an argument between them.

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