Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd June 2024 Written Update: Saisha’s School Admission and More

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode begins with Bhagyasree, Saisha, and Raju visiting a school for Saisha’s admission. The principal inquires about Saisha’s hobbies, but Bhagyasree answers on her behalf. Bhagyasree asks if Saisha can be admitted, and the principal agrees, though she mentions it’s unusual to accept a child without meeting the parents. The principal makes an exception because Rajat Kakkar, who supports the school, vouched for them. She requests that Rajat attend all parent-teacher meetings, and Bhagyasree agrees.

Harini visits the Bhosale house to invite Isha and Shantanu to Vansh’s Upanayana ceremony. Isha expresses happiness for Harini, saying Milind is a great guy. Harini agrees and comments.

Savi comes home, and Vansh asks if a dog she brought is for him. Savi says no, insisting the dog will stay. Although Isha initially refuses, she eventually agrees.

Saisha tells Bhagyasree she wants to speak with her dad if he comes to the school, questioning why his phone is always busy. Bhagyasree makes an excuse, and Raju comments on it.

Saisha visits Savi’s house to see the dog. She names it Chocolate and shares her tea with it before leaving. Saisha plans to show her new dress to her father.

Savi decides to learn more about Rajat since he avoids talking to his daughter. She remembers Bhagyasree gave his profile to Shefali and checked it on her tablet. Isha notices and feels happy. Savi remembers she needs to walk Chocolate, but Isha refuses.

At home, Bhagyasree spends time with friends, including Shefali. Bhagyasree introduces Shefali as the best matchmaker in the city. One woman remarks that Shefali hasn’t arranged Savi’s marriage yet. Shefali explains Savi is a special case. Bhagyasree asks about Savi, and Shefali reveals Isha is Savi’s mother-in-law, not her mother. Bhagyasree is surprised.

Shantanu sees Isha walking Chocolate and is surprised. They chat and head home, but Chocolate runs into Bhagyasree’s house. Bhagyasree is scared, and Isha apologizes, claiming the puppy belongs to her. Bhagyasree accuses Isha of trying to trouble her, leading to an argument. Savi hears and intervenes, trying to stop the fight. Bhagyasree doubts Savi will get married to a mother-in-law like Isha. Isha defends Savi. Savi and Shantanu take Isha away.

Savi comforts Isha, telling her not to take Bhagyasree’s words to heart. Later, Savi helps Isha sleep.

Isha recalls Savi looking at something on her tablet and using Savi’s fingerprint to check Shefali’s website. She sees Rajat’s profile and hopes he brings happiness to Savi’s life.

The next day, Shantanu checks on Isha. She worries Harini’s mother-in-law will comment on Savi at Vansh’s Upanayana. Shantanu reassures her. Isha asks if they should attend the ceremony, and Shantanu reminds her that Harini is Savi’s only living relative, so they must go. Savi prepares for the event and encourages Isha to do the same, thinking Savi might be preparing for Rajat.

Next Day: Savi notices Rajat ignoring Saisha when she is injured and confronts him. Rajat responds.

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