Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 24th June 2024 Written Update: Isha’s Mistake Causes Chaos at Pooja

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode begins with Harini chasing Vansh, trying to make him change his clothes. Vansh runs to his father Milind for help. Harini worries Milind about his mother-in-law and Isha meeting, as they often argue. Milind comments on the situation.

Bhagyasree is getting ready for a Pooja at the Kakkar house. She informs Saisha about the event. Saisha notices Deepti, who has just returned from a trip and greets her. Deepti talks with Saisha, and Bhagyasree asks her to prepare for the Pooja.

Before leaving for Vansh’s Upanayana, Isha ensures that her pet Chocolate has water and food, but she accidentally leaves the tap running. Isha and her family leave for the ceremony.

Bhagyasree welcomes her daughter and granddaughter to her house. Her daughter nearly slips due to water on the floor coming from the Bhosle house. Bhagyasree knocks on Isha’s door, but there is no answer. The security guard informs Bhagyasree that the family has left and gives her Savi’s phone number.

Meanwhile, at Milind’s house, Isha gifts a silver Ganesha idol to Milind’s mother for Vansh. Milind jokes with Savi and asks her to help Vansh change clothes as he is not listening to anyone. Savi agrees and takes Vansh to change.

Savi talks to Milind about her decision to adopt a child. Milind asks if she is sure, and Savi confirms. Milind’s mother overhears their conversation.

Everyone gathers for Vansh’s Upanayana ritual. Isha finds out that Vikram is coming to the ceremony and starts looking for Savi.

Savi encounters Vikram and his pregnant wife. Harini questions Milind about Vikram’s presence. Milind’s mother defends Vikram, stating he has come for his nephew’s ceremony. Milind reminds her of what happened between Vikram and Savi. Milind’s mother blames Savi for not being able to conceive, and comments that adopting is Savi’s only option. Isha is shocked by these remarks and defends Savi, claiming there is someone new in Savi’s life, named Rajat. Savi, however, reveals that she doesn’t know Rajat and lies to protect her reputation.

Back at her home, Isha notices the water overflow and Bhagyasree confronts her, accusing her of intentionally leaving the tap on, which disrupted their Pooja. Savi is concerned about the situation at her house.

The episode ends with a preview of Savi arguing with Rajat, who is ignoring an injured Saisha.

Next Day: Savi sees Rajat ignoring Saisha, who is injured, and confronts him. Rajat responds dismissively.

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