Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th June 2024 Written Update: Rajat’s Promise and Saisha’s Loneliness

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GHKKPM Today Episode: In the latest episode of “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein,” the story starts with Saisha expressing her desire to go with her father. However, Raju tells her that her father is too busy and offers to take her instead. Saisha reluctantly agrees. Bhagyasree confronts Rajat, telling him that what he is doing is wrong. Rajat then promises Saisha that he will pick her up from school.

At school, Savi greets the children and Saisha as she enters the classroom. During the lesson, Savi notices Saisha frequently looking towards the door. When asked, Saisha admits she’s waiting for her father. Savi reassures her that her father will come after school.

After school, Savi informs the parents about the upcoming sports day and reminds them to bring their children on time. She notices Saisha waiting alone and learns that her father hasn’t arrived. Feeling lonely, Saisha tells Savi that everyone has left her and asks if Savi will leave her too. Savi promises not to leave her and takes a photo with Saisha as proof. Eventually, Saisha agrees to leave with the driver after Savi explains that her father might be busy.

Savi calls Milind to check if Runmai has arrived. Milind confirms she is there but abruptly ends the call, leaving Savi worried. Isha and Savi decide to go to the railway station to find out what happened. They find their car locked, and Bhagyashree accuses Isha of calling the police to stop their Garba session. Isha admits it and asks the manager to unlock the car. Despite the argument, Bhagyashree’s husband persuades her to let them go.

Savi later receives a call from Milind, who assures her that everything is fine and they are coming home. Runmai arrives with snacks for Savi and her family. Noticing injuries on Runmai, Savi learns that she fought a thief to keep the snacks safe. Milind praises Runmai for her bravery, calling her a gundi. Runmai expresses her craving for kheer, and Savi notices changes in her, attributed to her move to the city.

Savi calls Rajat to ask if he picked up Saisha, and he informs her that he sent a driver instead. Savi scolds him and insists he attend the sports meeting with Saisha the next day. Runmai overhears and praises Savi’s assertiveness. Isha, overhearing the conversation, assumes Savi might have feelings for Rajat.

Rajat returns home and goes to Saisha’s room, finding her asleep. He apologizes to her and leaves a doll he bought beside her. He reflects on his love.

Precap: Rajat surprises Bhagyashree by agreeing to go to Saisha’s school, making her wonder what changed his mind.

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