Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd July 2024 Written Update: Rajat attending a big event

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein on 3rd July 2024 starts with Rajat attending a big event. During the event, he sees an advertisement featuring Ashika. Ashika’s boyfriend, Harsh, approaches Rajat and starts mocking him. Rajat retorts, saying that his life improved after Ashika left him, and now he can challenge Harsh.

Sabharwal enters and greets both Rajat and Harsh. He asks if they know each other or need an introduction. Harsh sarcastically replies that Rajat used to work for him, but he corrects himself and says Rajat was his employee. Rajat says he focuses on the future rather than dwelling on the past like Harsh.

Harsh, drinking alcohol, continues to mock Rajat, who reminds Harsh that he has achieved everything independently, unlike Harsh, who relies on his father’s name. Ashika arrives at the event, and Harsh boasts to Rajat that she is the face of all products launched by Gujral’s industries. Harsh then takes Ashika away, and she questions if it is necessary to say those things to Rajat. Rajat, visibly upset, drinks alcohol.

Meanwhile, Isha is cooking and nearly cuts her fingers in distraction. Shantanu stops her and talks about her concerns, especially regarding Mrunmayi. Mrunmayi arrives, apologizes to Isha, and promises not to marry Aman without her consent. Shantanu praises Savi and Mrunmayi. Mrunmayi then asks Isha to teach her how to make Dhokla, revealing that Aman is Gujarati, which makes Isha and Savi tease her.

In another scene, Bhagyasree meets Meera and her family, who are prospective marriage candidates for Rajat. Bhagyasree tries to contact Rajat, but he doesn’t answer. Harsh continues to dance with Ashika in front of Rajat to make him jealous. Rajat, furious, drinks and breaks his glass, then leaves the event.

Meera’s parents decide to leave since Rajat hasn’t shown up. Bhagyasree hears the doorbell and assumes it’s Rajat, asking Meera to open the door. Rajat enters, and Bhagyasree introduces him to Meera’s family. Rajat instructs Rani to pack food for the guests and send them away, declaring that he does not want to marry. Bhagyasree apologizes to Meera’s family and promises to talk to Rajat.

Bhagyasree then confronts Rajat about his behavior and asks him to apologize to Meera’s family. Rajat does so but asserts that he cannot proceed with the wedding.

Later, Rajat calls Harsh, but Ashika answers. Rajat tells her to give the phone to Harsh and thanks him for reminding him of his goal to destroy Harsh. He vows to take everything away from Harsh and predicts that Ashika will leave him. Harsh tries to respond, but Rajat cuts the call.

Next Day: Isha holds Rajat and mentions seeing Savi checking his profile, asking if they are dating. Rajat clarifies that Savi is just Sai’s teacher and this does not imply any relationship. Savi defends Isha, but Rajat makes a derogatory comment about Isha.

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