Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th July 2024 Written Update: An Eventful Day for Savi and Rajat

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GHKKPM Today Episode: In the 8th July 2024 episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, the story takes an unexpected turn as Rajat stops a horse-drawn chariot and requests the owner to drop them off at Bandra West. The chariot owner, in a poetic manner, refuses initially, saying he’s not going anywhere. Rajat offers a large sum, but the owner declines, stating that not everything can be bought. Savi, drenched in the rain, humbly requests the owner for help.

Impressed by her humility, he agrees to drop her. Savi then signals Rajat to get into the chariot. The owner remarks that he will accept Savi’s humility and Rajat’s money. As the chariot moves, Savi notices its name, “Prem Khatola” (Love Shuttle). The owner explains that he often transports lovers, hence the name. A romantic song, “Kuch To Hai Tujhse Rabta,” plays in the background as Savi and Rajat exchange glances.

Later, Shashank calls Savi, requesting her to accompany him to a corporate event the next day, where his friends will bring their partners. She agrees. Meanwhile, Rajat advises the chariot driver to be cautious while navigating a pothole. Shashank asks if she is with someone, and Savi mentions Rajat Thakkar.

Shashank recalls Rajat as the person who fought with someone the other day, to which Savi replies that it’s a long story she will explain tomorrow. Shashank disconnects the call, asking her to take care of it. Rajat, curious, inquires who it is. Savi responds that it was her fiancĂ©. Rajat comments that people usually lie in such situations, but Savi asserts that she hates lies.

As they reach their apartment, Tara, observing from her balcony, is shocked to see them together. She records a video and shows it to Bhagyashree, who angrily remarks that Savi is not leaving her son alone. Tara assures Bhagyashree that she knows how to keep Savi away from Rajat.

The next morning, Sai notices a CEO award on a desk and asks its meaning. Tara explains that it signifies being everyone’s boss and that her father might receive the Best CEO award at a business function that night. Sai expresses her desire to attend the event with her father. Bhagyashree, thinking this might strengthen their bond, encourages her to go. Isha, meanwhile, discusses Savi and Shashank’s engagement arrangements with Shashank’s parents and asks Shantanu to take a leave to help with the preparations. Savi announces she is going to school, and Isha decides to take a leave as well.

Mrunmayi, heading for a job interview, receives Shantanu’s blessings. Savi inquires if she is fine after the previous day’s events, to which Mrunmayi replies that she is moving on and walks out, wishing her luck. However, she realizes she forgot a file at Savi’s desk and rushes back. Lucky, overhearing her conversation, hides.

Savi confides in Isha that she can’t proceed with the engagement after witnessing Mrunmayi’s situation. Overhearing this, Mrunmayi urges Savi not to cancel her engagement because of her and promises to help with the arrangements after her interview. She waits for a cab, and Lucky, pretending to be on the phone, mentions reaching Mahalakshmi in 40-45 minutes, to which Mrunmayi smiles, knowing it usually takes an hour. He offers her a lift, which she hesitantly accepts, worried about his mother’s reaction.

Lucky assures her of his respect for his mother but insists she shouldn’t influence his actions. He then starts badmouthing Aman, calling him a coward for breaking up due to job fears. Mrunmayi, recalling Aman’s reasons, decides to move on, smiling as she gets into Lucky’s car. Lucky, meanwhile, plans to trap her.

At school, Sai informs Savi about attending a party with her father after school. Savi mentions it’s an adult’s party, and children aren’t allowed, promising to explain after lunch. During lunch break, Bhagyashree informs Rajat about taking Sai to the party. Rajat expresses concern about Sai’s reaction upon seeing her mother, but Bhagyashree reassures him that Sai doesn’t know her mother’s appearance and that Mamta will accompany them. Rajat is puzzled about who Mamta is.

After school, Sai goes home, and Shashank meets Savi. Isha instructs Savi to go shopping with Shashank for a dress as there’s no time to stitch one for the engagement. They visit a boutique, where Aman brings Rajat to buy a party outfit. Salesgirls show a blue dress to Savi and a blue blazer to Shashank. As Savi tries on her dress, Shashank receives a call and leaves his blazer aside. Rajat tries on the blazer.

Isha, in an attempt to make Urmila jealous, invites her to Savi and Shashank’s engagement. She then visits the Thakkar house to provoke Bhagyashree. Kavita, the maid, tries to run away but is served sweets by Isha, who taunts her about Savi’s alliance being fixed after the boy had Kavita’s prepared food. She asks Kavita to address her as “madam.” Bhagyashree confronts Isha, who sarcastically asks if she’s pregnant. Isha, unfazed, shares the news of Savi’s engagement, taunting Bhagyashree that even her son might find a girl if she tries. Bhagyashree retorts, likening her son to a high-value currency note, whereas Isha’s daughter is a torn note that nobody wants.

Next Day: Bhagyashree wakes up a drunken Rajat, questioning if Savi kidnapped Sai.

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