Jhanak 15th June 2024 Written Update: Love, Friendship, and Heartbreak

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode begins with Jhanak chatting with her friends at college. Her friends tease her about her newfound fame from her recent advertisement and suggest she should keep pursuing her work in that field. Meanwhile, Rahul thinks there’s a big surprise waiting for Jhanak and decides to accompany her to Kolkata, as suggested by Anirudha. Rahul is puzzled that Jhanak confessed her love to Anirudha instead of him.

The group is called inside for an examination, while Anirudha waits outside Jhanak’s university, contemplating his feelings for her. After the exam, Jhanak comes out and complains to Rahul about the strict examiner. She expresses the importance of passing the exam, and Rahul suggests they go to the canteen. However, Jhanak mentions that Anirudha might be coming. Rahul then suggests they invite Anirudha to join them at the canteen.

Anirudha sees them leaving the university and calls out to Jhanak. He brings food for her and her friends, which makes Jhanak emotional as no one has ever brought her a tiffin before. She invites Anirudha to eat with them, but he acts rude and tells her to focus on her future instead, then leaves abruptly. Rahul is left wondering if he should tell Jhanak about his plans to go to Kolkata with her.

Rahul decides to talk to Jhanak but hesitates. He asks her why she told Anirudha about her feelings but not him directly. Rahul then reveals that Anirudha told him about her love confession and their potential marriage after exams. Jhanak is shocked and angry, questioning Rahul’s motives and why he agreed to marry her out of sympathy. However, Rahul confesses his genuine love for her. Jhanak insists that they are best friends and cannot marry. Rahul apologizes, and they part ways while Anirudha continues waiting for Jhanak after the exam.

Anirudha’s parents are worried about their family’s reputation due to the rumors of Anirudha and Jhanak’s marriage. Anirudha is alarmed when he notices all the students have left except Jhanak. Rahul confronts Anirudha, accusing him of lying and disrespecting him, and insists that Anirudha should talk directly to Jhanak. Rahul, feeling insulted, tells Anirudha he doesn’t have the right to interfere and angrily hangs up the call. Anirudha realizes Rahul might have told Jhanak about the marriage and misunderstands that Jhanak loves Rahul, feeling upset for making decisions without consulting her.

Jhanak, upset, retreats to her hotel room, angry about Anirudha’s decision to involve Rahul in their marriage plans. She sneaks in through the back door to avoid Anirudha’s help and resolves to live her life independently. Jhanak confronts Anirudha, clarifying that Rahul is just a friend and questioning why he is so affected by her personal life. She demands that Anirudha leave her life forever, ending the episode by telling him she has no feelings for him.

Next Day: Jhanak will tell Anirudha that she wants to be free from him. She will express concerns about her future, questioning which man would marry her after learning about her past marriage.

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