Jhanak 17th June 2024 Written Update: Jhanak’s Heartfelt Decision

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Jhanak Today Episode: In the latest episode, Jhanak urgently asks the police officer to take her to a medical shop. Initially, the officer refuses, but Jhanak’s persistent pleading finally convinces them to help her. She buys some basic medications and hurries back to Aniruddha, who is delirious with a high fever.

Aniruddha, in his fevered state, pleads with Jhanak to return to Kolkata and confesses his deep love for her. This sudden declaration confuses Jhanak, leaving her uncertain about Aniruddha’s true feelings.

Despite Aniruddha’s insistence that he no longer loves Arshi, Jhanak urges him not to overthink and administers the medicine to help reduce his fever. She feels guilty, believing that her earlier actions might have caused Aniruddha’s distress. Jhanak apologizes and seeks his forgiveness. Aniruddha, holding her hand, repeatedly asks if she loves someone, but Jhanak hesitates to answer clearly.

Attempting to comfort him, Jhanak orders soup, but Aniruddha remains despondent, expressing a lack of will to live. His negative thoughts shock Jhanak. Aniruddha insists that he wants to stay near Jhanak, expressing a desperate need to keep her close by any means. Jhanak repeatedly tells him that she cannot fulfill this wish, but Aniruddha declares that he cannot live without her. His sudden confession leaves Jhanak stunned.

Aniruddha demands a promise from Jhanak that she will never leave him. She assumes his words are just fever-induced ramblings that he will forget once he recovers. Meanwhile, to resolve family disputes, Aniruddha’s grandparents decide to never mention Jhanak’s name in their house again, with Shubha and Tanuja agreeing.

In an emotional moment, Jhanak promises Aniruddha that she will not leave him, and he pulls her into his arms. Jhanak, moved by his touch, rests in his embrace. They both dream of a happy life together, imagining intimate moments and a future filled with love.

Next Day: Aniruddha brings Jhanak back to the Bose house, prompting a furious reaction from Arshi.

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