Jhanak 20th June 2024 Written Update: Jhanak’s Return Shocks Bose Family

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Jhanak Today Episode: The latest episode revolves around Jhanak causing tension in the Bose family. Arshi is particularly upset about Jhanak’s return and wishes for Aniruddha to come back from Kashmir. Chhotan prays for Jhanak’s safety, but Bipasha and Shubho are annoyed by her presence. Suddenly, Appu brings exciting news that Aniruddha has returned home. Arshi and others are relieved to hear this.

When Aniruddha arrives, Appu rushes to greet him and asks for a gift. Aniruddha keeps his promise and brings Jhanak along. This surprises and disappoints the entire Basu family, who thought Jhanak had left for good. Arshi confronts Aniruddha angrily, questioning why he brought Jhanak back after all the drama.

Vipasha asks Jhanak why she pretended to be marrying someone else only to return. The family is furious with Jhanak, except for Chhotan, Ajanta, and Appu who are happy to see her. Arshi demands an explanation from Aniruddha about his sudden decision.

Jhanak explains that her fiancé called off their wedding, so she returned to Kolkata for Aniruddha and Arshi’s wedding. Shubha insists that Jhanak sign a legal document renouncing any claim over Aniruddha. Finally, Arshi and Tanuja allow Jhanak to stay for the wedding. Aniruddha’s grandfather and uncle welcome Jhanak back.

Later, Bipasha plans to embarrass Jhanak publicly during a gathering by arranging a mujra dance. The episode concludes with this plan in motion.

Next Day: Aniruddha suggests another accommodation for Jhanak in the city, but she refuses fearing it will tarnish his reputation.

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