Jhanak 24th June 2024 Written Update: Tensions Rise Amid Wedding Plans

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode begins with Jhanak complimenting the photos, saying that they are perfect together. Arshi smiles, and Rumi agrees, calling them the best couple. Anjana also admires the pictures. Bipasha jokes about Appu, saying that Jhanak will ensure Appu is well-prepared. Anjana finds this unnecessary since Appu isn’t present and asks why Bipasha is saying such things.

Tanuja tries to calm Anjana, explaining that Shrishti wants Jhanak to perform the Kashmiri rituals at her house. Jhanak agrees to do her best, though she wasn’t involved in Arya’s wedding and mentions that Mama, who knows all the details, won’t be coming. Arshi reassures Jhanak that they will follow her lead and asks if she is going to Mumbai after the wedding. Jhanak confirms this.

Arshi mentions she needs to go to Dubai for work, and Tanuja notes that Anirudh has already booked their honeymoon tickets. Arshi emphasizes that this work opportunity is a significant achievement for her and that the honeymoon can wait. Bipasha teases Jhanak, and Arshi asks Jhanak to help her get ready. Jhanak agrees to prepare everyone for the events.

Arshi wants Jhanak to apply mehendi for her, and Tanuja asks Rumi to call Anirudh. She then asks Jhanak to choose a nice photo of Arshi and Anirudh. Jhanak says all the pictures are good, but Arshi insists on selecting one. Anirudh arrives, and Bipasha points out that Jhanak has picked a photo for their room. Jhanak denies this, stating that she likes all the photos. Arshi asks Anirudh to choose, and he picks one that everyone likes. They decide to frame it.

Jhanak starts to leave, but Anirudh stops her. He tells her he’s going to show the pictures to Dadi and Dadu and questions why she wants to involve herself in all these tasks. She is confused by his questions. He accuses her of interfering during the photo selection. Jhanak defends herself, saying she was only involved because they showed her the pictures and that she will leave once the wedding is over.

Anirudh argues that she has misunderstood him and asks if she doesn’t enjoy staying with him. She insists that she feels like part of Arshi’s family and not a maid. Anirudh sarcastically remarks that her relationship with the family has improved. Jhanak says she has no complaints about anyone. Anirudh then asks why she has been ignoring him.

Jhanak explains that she is unsure whether to talk to him or not since his wife will be joining the household soon, and it might be inappropriate. Anirudh insists that their conversations are meaningless and says he doesn’t understand why she changes her behavior when he is ill. He wants to know why she shows pity on him when he is sick but changes once he recovers.

Jhanak says she has a lot of work and needs to go to Arshi’s house. Anirudh insists she shouldn’t go, fearing she might get insulted there. Jhanak reassures him that she can handle herself. He asks her opinion about his performance at the Sangeet. She acknowledges his singing and dancing with Arshi. Anirudh clarifies that he wasn’t hurting Arshi but keeping her happy.

Jhanak questions why Anirudh is explaining himself to her and accuses him of acting and cheating on Arshi. He denies cheating and asks if she remembers their previous conversations. Jhanak dismisses them as unimportant, focusing on Arshi’s future and urging Anirudh to respect and love her. Anirudh feels that Jhanak doesn’t understand him and is changing the subject.

Jhanak insists that he shouldn’t marry and insult Arshi, as she will have to inform everyone about it. She refuses to support him in wrongdoings and accuses him of being capable of insulting her as well. Anirudh tries to explain, but Jhanak walks away, saying he should be ashamed of himself.

Anirudh vows to make Jhanak pay for her accusations, believing she knows everything but still behaves this way. Jhanak reflects on her decision to confront him, while Anirudh thinks she misunderstood his actions and is happy with Arshi. Jhanak feels betrayed by his act and his previous marriage proposal, then wiping off her sindoor. Anirudh wants to see if Jhanak will be hurt seeing him happy with Arshi, declaring that she will witness his love for Arshi.

Next Day: Shrishti asks Jhanak to sign annulment papers. Shubh asks Anirudh to sign as well. Jhanak sees Anirudh.

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