Jhanak 27th June 2024 Written Update: Tensions Rise as Jhanak Signs Divorce Papers

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode starts with a heated discussion among the family members about Jhanak. Anirudhha’s parents want Jhanak out of the Bose house and insist she signs divorce papers to ensure she can’t claim any rights over Anirudhha. Babloo and Ajanta find this unreasonable, but Shubha wants to clarify the relationship between Anirudhha and Jhanak.

The family is split into two groups. Some want to resolve the misunderstandings, while others believe it’s better to end the relationship. To resolve the conflict, Jhanak agrees to sign the divorce papers and asks Shubha where to sign. Anirudhha realizes that their relationship will end legally. He used to value their relationship but now sees that Jhanak doesn’t hold it in the same regard.

Jhanak, on the other hand, thinks she is giving Anirudhha the freedom to marry Arshi. Shristi urges Jhanak to hurry, otherwise, the Aiburobhat ceremony will be delayed. Although hesitant, both Anirudhha and Jhanak stand by the papers without proceeding. Arshi pushes for the matter to be settled quickly.

Jhanak finally signs the papers, but Anirudhha wants to read them over. He delays the process intentionally, but Arshi assures everyone she has already reviewed the papers and everything is fine. Tanuja and Vipasha start distributing sweets to everyone. Jhanak announces she will participate in Anirudhha’s wedding and enjoy all the customs. Her happiness surprises Anirudhha. The guests praise Jhanak for her decorations. She has also prepared Kashmiri dishes for Anirudhha and Arshi, but they refuse to eat.

Mrinalini arrives with her father to invite the family to the wedding. Seeing her father, Chhoton feels embarrassed and tries to avoid the situation. Mrinalini and Chhoton argue about a school issue, and Chhoton feels annoyed by her presence. He lies again, claiming he was adopted by his parents.

Next Day: Anirudhha will try to make Jhanak jealous by holding Arshi’s hand.

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