Jhanak 2nd July 2024 Written Update: Anirudhha’s Struggle in Kashmir

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode begins with a tense conversation between Anirudhha and the police. Both parties are unable to contact Jhanak after arriving in Kashmir. Anirudhha grows increasingly worried due to his inability to connect with Jhanak. The police assure him that they will locate Jhanak and file a case against Tejas, making it easier to arrest him. They thoroughly search the station but find no sign of Jhanak.

Meanwhile, the kidnappers have taken Jhanak’s mobile phone, preventing her from contacting Anirudhha. One kidnapper pretends to speak with Anirudhha to deceive Jhanak.

The police informed Anirudhha that something unfortunate may have happened to Jhanak due to their delayed arrival. Anirudhha is filled with guilt and frustration over his negligence and decides to head to Kashmir immediately. He feels an urgent need to rectify the situation.

Anirudhha tells a colleague about his plans to go to Srinagar, asking him to keep it a secret. He doesn’t want his family to know about his decision and requests Sandeep not to disclose it. He promises to return in a few days, emphasizing the urgency of his trip. He explains the situation to his boss, seeking permission to leave. Sandeep suggests informing Arshi, but Anirudhha refuses to share this matter with anyone.

Meanwhile, Chhoton plans to give an expensive gift to Arshi. He is compared to Subha, who earns more than him. Vipasha mocks Chhoton because Mrinalini, despite meeting him, does not recognize him. The difference between Mrinalini and Chhoton is highlighted to insult Chhoton.

When Anirudhha returns home, he is exhausted. His parents sense something is wrong and ask if everything is okay. Ajanta and Bablu are worried, suspecting something has happened to Jhanak. Shubha and Tanuja advise them not to mention Jhanak’s name, noting Anirudhha’s troubles. Anirudhha lies, saying he couldn’t reach Jhanak. Arshi joins them.

Anirudhha then lies about needing to go to Delhi for an urgent matter the next day. Arshi doubts his story and decides to call his boss to verify Anirudhha’s claim.

Next Day: Tejas announces his marriage to Jhanak, and she surprisingly accepts without hesitation.

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