Jhanak 5th July 2024 Written Update: Anirudh’s Anger and Srishti’s Determination

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode of Jhanak on 5th July 2024 starts with another heated dispute within the Bose family. Anirudh becomes extremely angry when he finds out that Srishti wants to involve the police in the matter. Anirudh’s parents advise him to stay out of it, fearing that Srishti will suspect them of protecting Jhanak. Since it’s an attempted murder case, they believe the culprit should face serious consequences.

However, Anirudh is reluctant to go through the legal process because they lack concrete evidence against Jhanak. Shubho and Bipasha support Srishti’s decision to seek legal action, while Tanuja warns Anirudh not to shield Jhanak, as she deserves to face the consequences if guilty.

Later that night, Jhanak enters Anirudh’s room to ask about Arshi’s condition. Anirudh is furious and tells her not to pretend to care about Arshi’s health. He reminds her that their marriage rituals were disrupted because of her, and angrily questions if she intentionally set Arshi’s saree on fire.

Anirudh doesn’t answer Jhanak’s repeated questions and tells her that Arshi might not be able to continue dancing, as she needs surgery for her injuries. He also informs Jhanak that Srishti might involve the police, to which Jhanak responds that she is ready to accept any punishment Srishti decides.

Jhanak feels terrible about Arshi’s condition but is helpless. Despite doing nothing wrong, she is enduring a lot of blame and has no one to support her. Anirudh rudely asks her to leave the room, even though he knows deep down that it was an accident and not her fault. He wishes to prove Jhanak’s innocence.

Srishti calls Tanuja and tells her that she is coming with the police to arrest Jhanak. Tanuja assures her that no one can save Jhanak from being arrested today. Srishti is determined to punish Jhanak and doesn’t want to delay the matter any further.

Tanuja is instructed not to inform anyone so Jhanak won’t be alerted. Shortly after, Srishti arrives with the police officers to arrest Jhanak. Despite Ajanta and Appu’s attempts to stop them, their efforts are in vain, and Jhanak is taken away.

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