Mamífera Review: A Spanish Drama of Surprising Choices

The Spanish drama film “Mamífera” opens with a tender yet intimate scene between Lola (Maria Rodríguez Soto) and her boyfriend Bruno (Enric Auquer), setting the stage for a narrative filled with empathy and unforeseen challenges.

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As Lola and Bruno bask in the comfort of their relationship, little do they know that a surprising pregnancy awaits them, discovered only at 10 weeks gestation. This revelation shakes the foundation of their bond, contrasting sharply with Lola’s friend Judit’s struggles with IVF. Lola’s quiet acknowledgment of her friend’s unfulfilled desire adds a layer of complexity to her situation.

What sets “Mamífera” apart is its nuanced portrayal of Lola. Unlike typical Hollywood tropes, Lola isn’t a stereotypical careerist or a chaotic mess. She’s a warm, capable adult, content in her career as an art professor and her relationship with Bruno. Despite societal expectations, Lola grapples with conflicting emotions about motherhood, adding depth to her character.

Maria Rodríguez Soto’s portrayal of Lola earned her acclaim, and rightfully so. Her performance captures Lola’s inner turmoil with authenticity, making her journey relatable yet compelling. Through moments of uncertainty and resolve, Soto navigates Lola’s emotional landscape with finesse, drawing viewers into her world.

A unique aspect of “Mamífera” is its incorporation of dream-like animated sequences, mirroring Lola’s collage-based artwork. These sequences offer insight into Lola’s psyche, as she navigates the complexities of impending motherhood amidst competing thoughts and emotions.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of “Mamífera” is its handling of Lola’s decision regarding her pregnancy. Unlike conventional narratives, Lola proceeds with the abortion, portraying it not as a tragic event, but as a momentous choice that shapes her future. This refreshing take challenges societal norms and celebrates autonomy.

In a genre often characterized by predictable twists and societal expectations, “Mamífera” stands out as a beacon of authenticity and empowerment. Liliana Torres’ directorial prowess, coupled with Maria Rodríguez Soto’s stellar performance, crafts a narrative that resonates deeply with audiences. Through Lola’s journey, the film invites reflection on choice, agency, and the complexities of motherhood.

With its engaging storytelling and compelling characters, “Mamífera” offers a refreshing take on the unexpected journey of motherhood, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

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