Rebel Box Office Collection Day 4: How Does GV Prakash’s Performance Impact the Film’s Success?

Rebel Box Office Collection Day 4

The Success of Rebel Box Office Collection Day 4

Rebel Box Office Collection Day 4 witnesses the continued triumph of Nikesh RS’s directorial debut, starring GV Prakash Kumar and Mamitha Baiju. The film, which embarked on its cinematic journey on March 22nd, resonates with audiences through its potent blend of political drama and action. Set against the backdrop of a college in Chittur, Palakkad, Rebel unfolds the gripping narrative of Kadhir, portrayed by GV Prakash, amidst the nuanced dynamics between Tamil and Malayali communities. Mamitha’s character adds depth to the storyline, serving as Kadhir’s love interest amidst escalating tensions.

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Unraveling the Box Office Performance

The trajectory of Rebel Box Office Collection manifests a promising start, attaining significant milestones within its initial days of release. As reported by Sacnilk, the film amassed a commendable sum of Rs 1.07 crore in net earnings across Indian theaters during its first four days.

Day-wise Breakdown

  • Day 1 (Friday): The film garnered Rs 0.2 crore, marking a solid inauguration.
  • Day 2 (Saturday): Witnessing a surge in audience turnout, Rebel escalated to Rs 0.32 crore, indicative of growing interest.
  • Day 3 (Sunday): The momentum sustained, with a noteworthy collection of Rs 0.35 crore, reflecting enduring appeal.
  • Day 4 (Monday): Experiencing a minor decline, Rebel maintained its stronghold with Rs 0.22 crore, emphasizing consistent performance.

Insights into Rebel

Beyond its captivating storyline, Rebel boasts a stellar ensemble cast featuring Venkitesh VP, Shalu Rahim, Karunas, Adhithya Baskar, Kalloori Vinoth, and Subramaniya Siva. The film’s technical brilliance is underscored by Arun Radhakrishnan’s cinematography and Vetre Krishnan’s editing prowess. Notably, GV Prakash’s multifaceted involvement extends to composing the film’s music, amplifying its emotive resonance.

Behind the Scenes

The production endeavors of Rebel were steered by KE Gnanavelraja, with co-production helmed by Neha Gnanavelraja under the esteemed Studio Green banner. Such collaborative efforts culminate in a cinematic masterpiece that transcends conventional boundaries, resonating with audiences across diverse demographics.

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