1. Opulent Lives, Dark Secrets:  Step inside the Royal Delhi Club, a world of extravagant wealth and hidden desires. 

2. A Shocking Discovery: When a murder shatters the club's facade, Assistant Commissioner Bhavani Singh delves into a web of deceit. 

3. Beyond the Glittering Facade:  Behind the lavish displays of wealth lie hidden financial woes, blackmail schemes, and even drug addictions.

4. A Mounting Body Count:  As the investigation unfolds, the death toll rises, leaving Bhavani with a trail of cryptic clues.

5. A Buried Skeleton: The unearthed remains send the investigation spiraling towards a shocking revelation.

6. The Perfect Wife, a Deadly Secret: The seemingly flawless life of Bambi, a prominent club member, begins to unravel.

7. Obsession, Betrayal, and Murder:  Fueled by an insatiable desire for wealth and power, Bambi commits the unthinkable to protect her dark secret.

8. A Chain Reaction of Lies:  Bambi's desperate attempts to silence witnesses lead to more killings, further complicating the case. 

9.  Will Justice Prevail? Can Bhavani Singh untangle the web of lies and expose the killer at the heart of the Royal Delhi Club?

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