Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th June 2024 Written Update: Dance, and Family Celebrations

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode starts with Bhawar’s men bringing Savi and Harini to Ishaan’s wedding venue. Bhawar tells Savi that he lost his power because of her but he still loves her. He asks how she feels about the baarat he organized for her. Ishaan sees Kiran is teamed up with Bhawar and gets shocked. Surekha calls Savi unlucky and blames Savi for their situation. Surekha says Savi’s enemies teamed up against Savi and troubling them.

One more masked man comes forward and asks Surekha to recognize him who was there another enemy. Bhawar takes Avni at gunpoint. He asks family members to guess the enemy’s name to save Avni. Bhawar gives them clues to recognize their enemy’s name. Savi and Ishaan recognize its Mandar and say his name. Mandar removes his mask and tells them that he is back to take revenge.

Ayush asks Bhawar to release them as he doesn’t have any enmity with them. Bhawar warns them to kill them. He tells everyone that they need to witness his marriage with Savi. Bhawar says to everyone that he is the real groom. He takes pagdi from Ishaan and wears it. He asks Savi to marry him. Ishaan and Harini ask Savi to not give in to Bhawar’s threats. Bhawar threatens to kill everyone at the party if Savi doesn’t agree to marry him. He points a gun at Ishaan. Savi agrees to marry Bhawar.

Ishaan asks Savi to not marry Bhawar. Bhawar hits him. Savi stops Bhawar. She requests him to release everyone as she agrees to marry him. Mandar asks Bhawar to not believe Savi’s words. Bhawar says everyone present in the mandap is his baarat. He asks Savi to get ready for their wedding. Bhawar asks Durva to ready Savi for the wedding. Durva refuses to help Savi. Bhawar threatens to kill her if she refuses to help Savi. Durva agrees to prepare Savi for the wedding. Bhawar asks Mandar to guard Savi and Durva. Mandar takes Savi and Durva. He gives 15 minutes for Savi to get ready for the marriage. Savi thinks about how to call the police.

Bhawar asks Yashwant to dance. Yashwant says his reputation is more important to him than his life. He refuses to dance. Bhawar asks if he wants to get killed. Yashwant asks him to shoot. Family members feel worried for Yashwant. Bhawar threatens Yashwant that he will kill Chinmay or Ishaan if he doesn’t give in to his demands. Chinmay asks Bhawar to kill him. Shika asks Chinmay to think about their baby. Durva holds Savi’s neck and blames her for their situation. Savi pushes Durva’s hand and asks her to let her think of a way to escape from the problem.

Next Day: Durva readies Savi. Savi seeks police help. Later Savi hears a blasting sound and gets shocked.

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