Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st July 2024 Written Update

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode of “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein” on 1st July 2024 begins with the adoption center officials questioning Bhagyasree about Savi and her family. Bhagyasree criticizes Savi’s family, especially Isha, claiming that they cause trouble. This leads the adoption officials to consider rejecting Savi’s application.

Rajat intervenes and explains to the officials that Bhagyasree’s dislike for Isha is personal. He praises Savi as an excellent teacher who is well-liked by her students. His words convince the officials to reconsider their decision.

Bhagyasree confronts Rajat about his positive comments on Savi. Rajat dismisses her, expressing his exhaustion from work, and leaves to rest.

The adoption officials then meet Shantanu and Isha to discuss Savi’s adoption plans. Shantanu acknowledges the adoption but requests to speak with Savi before making a final decision. Isha expresses her concerns, believing that if Savi adopts a child, she might never get married. However, she also hopes that someone special will eventually enter Savi’s life.

Meanwhile, Lucky questions Raju and Bhagyasree about their trip to Pune, pointing out that results can be checked online. Bhagyasree explains they are going to Pune so Rajat will have to look after Saisha alone, to which Lucky reluctantly agrees.

Before leaving, Bhagyasree reminds Rajat of his responsibilities towards Saisha, emphasizing that he is her father. Rajat is left to care for Saisha by himself.

Later, Isha informs Savi about the visit from the adoption center. Savi was already planning to talk to them. However, Isha lashes out at Savi, insisting she should not proceed with the adoption, as it would affect her chances of marriage. Savi stands firm on her decision, stating that adopting a child will help her fulfill a promise and create her own family.

Savi goes to her room, reflecting on Isha’s harsh words. Runmai tries to console her with chocolate, but Savi remains upset.

Savi receives a call from Supriya at the adoption center, informing her that her neighbor, Rajat Thakkar, gave a positive review, advancing her application to the next stage. Savi is thrilled and decides to thank Rajat.

Rajat, meanwhile, is feeding Saisha, who struggles to eat with a spoon. He gets a call from Aman about a meeting but explains he can’t leave Saisha alone, asking Aman to handle it.

As they battle mosquitoes, Savi subtly suggests Rajat use a mosquito bat. Rajat eventually uses it but becomes frustrated and decides to turn on a mosquito coil. Savi again hints at using mosquito repellent on Saisha, which Rajat follows.

After putting Saisha to sleep, Rajat decides to return the bat to Savi. Overhearing Isha discussing Savi and Rajat’s relationship, he misinterprets their intentions, believing they are trying to manipulate him using Saisha. He angrily breaks the mosquito bat.

The next morning, Savi notices the broken bat parts in the dustbin. She greets Rajat, who ignores her, recalling Isha’s words. Savi feels disheartened, thinking Rajat will never change.

Next Day: Isha calls Rajat her son-in-law, which Rajat denies. Savi asserts that Rajat has no right to speak to Isha disrespectfully. Rajat reacts sharply, leading to more tension.

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