Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th June 2024 Written Update: Savi’s Concerns for Saisha

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GHKKPM Today Episode: In the latest episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein dated 30th June 2024, the story unfolds with Savi meeting Rajat at a coffee shop. Savi expresses her concern to Rajat about Saisha feeling lonely and suggests that he spend more time with her. However, Rajat dismisses her worries, saying she is overthinking, and advises her to stop being overly concerned about Saisha.

Savi then inquires about Saisha’s mother, which angers Rajat. He sternly reminds Savi that she is just a teacher and not Saisha’s mother. Despite Savi’s intentions to share her concerns, Rajat reacts harshly. As they settle the bill, Savi insists on paying for her tea, but Rajat says he has already covered it.

Rajat gifts Savi a golden bracelet to replace the one Saisha broke. Although Savi initially refuses, Rajat insists, and she eventually accepts it. As Savi receives a call from the principal, Isha, observing from a distance, misinterprets the situation and decides to follow Rajat to learn more about him.

Isha tracks Rajat to his office as a reporter to gather information. The receptionist praises Rajat as a strict but excellent boss. Meanwhile, Isha discusses Savi’s marriage with Latha, expressing her struggles. An attendee overhears their conversation and reveals to the receptionist that Isha is Rajat’s potential mother-in-law.

Rajat and Aman are informed about Isha’s visit, leading them to investigate. Shantanu calls Isha, prompting her to leave the office hastily. Rajat later reprimands his staff for the confusion regarding Isha’s identity.

Determined to teach Rajat a lesson, Savi encounters Runmai, who unknowingly reveals that the bracelet given to her by Aman matches the one Rajat gave Savi. During their conversation, Savi receives a call from an adoption agency, confirming the approval of her application. Runmai inquires if Isha and Shantanu are aware, to which Savi affirms.

Savi decides to meet Aman before helping Runmai with her wedding plans. The adoption agency visits Bhagyasree’s house to verify Savi’s background. Despite Bhagyasree’s complaints, Rajat intervenes, speaking positively about Savi, surprising everyone, including Bhagyasree.

Shantanu and Isha meet with the adoption agency representatives, who wish to speak with Savi directly. Isha is concerned that Savi’s adoption plans might hinder potential suitors and decides to discuss it with her.

Next Day: Isha addresses Rajat as her son-in-law, prompting a rude response from Rajat. Savi confronts Rajat for his disrespectful behavior towards Isha, leading to more tension.

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