Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 28th June 2024 Written Update: Savi’s Bold Move and Rajat’s Realization

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode begins with Runmai praising Savi for how she scolded Rajat. Isha overhears their conversation and realizes they are talking about Rajat. Isha offers them Khada and leaves. Runmai then asks Savi for the name of the guy she scolded, and Savi confirms it is Rajat. Isha thinks that someone new is going to enter Savi’s life. Meanwhile, Bhagyasree plays a song from Radhe Shyam and interprets it as a sign from God that Rajat and Savi will be together.

Rajat hears Saisha talking in her sleep about how hurt she is because Rajat broke his promise to her. Rajat recalls Savi’s words, feels guilty, and decides to gift Saisha an elephant toy to cheer her up.

The next day, Bhagyasree asks Deepti why Saisha hasn’t come downstairs. Deepti explains that Saisha is upset and insists on going to school only with her dad. Bhagyasree says that’s not possible and offers to take Saisha to school herself. Surprisingly, Rajat offers to take Saisha to school. Bhagyasree is taken aback and asks Deepti to inform Saisha about it. Deepti agrees.

Bhagyasree serves Rajat food and hopes he will gradually change for the better.

Rajat takes Saisha to school. Saisha tells Savi that her father is with her and wants to introduce him. Saisha takes Savi to meet Rajat. Savi asks Rajat if he finally came to her school. Rajat, not recognizing her, asks who she is. Savi reveals she is the one who scolded him the previous day. Rajat realizes that Savi doesn’t know her salary comes from his donations.

Savi asks the parents to put rabbit hair clips on their children for a race. She notices Rajat is distracted by his phone, so she calls him over the microphone and asks him to put the hair clip on Saisha to start the race. Rajat does so, and the race begins. Saisha wins but falls and injures her knee, which starts bleeding. Both Savi and Rajat are concerned.

Savi gives first aid to Saisha, who complains of pain. Rajat suggests calling a doctor due to the bleeding, but Savi assures him it’s just a small injury and doesn’t require medical attention. Despite this, Rajat steps aside to call Aman and inquires about nearby hospitals. Aman suggests Rajat should show his care more openly.

Isha calls Savi to ask why she is late. Savi explains it’s sports day at school. Isha overhears Savi mentioning Rajat’s name and cuts the call, suspecting that Savi is with Rajat.

Rajat tells Saisha they should visit a hospital, but Saisha refuses. Savi insists there’s no need and suggests taking Saisha home instead. Rajat agrees. Saisha holds Savi’s hand as Rajat takes her away, not noticing Savi’s presence.

Isha calls Rajat to check his whereabouts. When Rajat answers, Isha hears Savi’s voice in the background and concludes they are together, thinking they are on a date.

Savi tells Rajat she will join them since she is their neighbor, and Saisha agrees. Rajat reluctantly agrees to take Savi along.

Rajat drives Savi to Gulmohar Park. Isha notices Chocolate, their dog, leaving the house. Chocolate bothers Bhagyasree, leading to an argument between her and Isha.

Savi overhears the argument from the lift and tells Rajat that if he leaves now, Saisha will wake up. Savi decides to stop the argument first and asks Rajat to come later.

The episode ends with Rajat thinking that Savi is trying to get close to him using his daughter for money.

Next Day: Rajat suspects that Savi is trying to use his daughter to get closer to him for his wealth.

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