Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th July 2024 Written Update: Full Story Recap and Key Moments

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GHKKPM Today Episode: In the latest episode of “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein” on 6th July 2024, Rajat is furious, blaming Sai and Isha for losing a client. He recalls Savi’s harsh words, feeling humiliated. Aman tried to calm him down, explaining the client had other commitments.

Despite Aman’s attempt to justify Savi and Isha’s actions, Rajat remains bitter, criticizing Isha for inquiring about his salary and accusing Savi of using Sai to get closer to him. Aman defends Savi, stating her concern for Sai was genuine.

Meanwhile, Savi apologizes to Shashank for the earlier drama. Shashank reassures her, suggesting they focus on their relationship. Mrinmoy spies on them but is pulled away by Milind. Savi reveals to Shashank that she cannot have children. Shashank, understandingly, suggests they can adopt, showing his pets as an example of love beyond biological ties.

They then proceed to dinner, where Shashank expresses his satisfaction with the food and seeks Savi’s opinion on sweets offered by Isha. Savi eventually agrees, leading to Isha’s affectionate appreciation.

Rajat, still angry, speaks harshly over the phone about an employee, unaware an old man is struggling nearby. Mistaking Rajat’s comments for rudeness towards the old man, Savi scolds him but later realizes her mistake when the old man explains Rajat actually helped him.

Shantanu and Isha discuss Savi and Shashank’s engagement with Shashank’s parents, setting it for two days later. They share the news with Savi and Mrinmoy, who excitedly informs Aman. Aman, busy with Rajat, takes the call and learns Isha agrees to meet him. Rajat, supportive, agrees to accompany Aman to the meeting.

In a parking area, Lucky brings Sai to meet Savi. Bhagyashree, noticing the interaction, harshly scolds Lucky and takes Sai away, leaving Lucky to apologize on behalf of his mother. Meanwhile, Rajat and Aman head to a client meeting, facing competition from Harsh. Despite Harsh’s attempts to undermine Rajat, Rajat wins the contract by emphasizing quality over cost.

After the meeting, Rajat reminds Aman about the upcoming family meeting with Mrinmoy’s aunt. Back at Aman’s house, the Thakkar family prepares for the visit. Bhagyashree tries to get Lucky to help, but he dismisses her. The Bhosale family arrives, surprising Bhagyashree.

Next Day: Bhagyashree wakes up an intoxicated Rajat and questions if Savi took Sai away, hinting at more drama to unfold.

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