Jhanak 18th June 2024 Written Update: Love and Tension

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode kicks off with a romantic scene between Anirudhha and Jhanak. Sitting together on the same bed, Anirudhha asks Jhanak how she felt during their wedding. Both seem hesitant to express their true feelings.

Anirudhha, concerned for Jhanak, imagines their first night together, envisioning a tender and loving moment. In the middle of the night, Anirudhha wakes up to find Jhanak lying near his feet, feeling a strong urge to be close to her.

As Jhanak wakes up, Anirudhha pulls her into his arms, longing for her warmth and holding her tightly. Jhanak feels embarrassed but Anirudhha doesn’t let go, expressing his deep emotions and confessing his love for her. This sudden declaration leaves Jhanak surprised, making her wonder if Anirudhha will forget everything by the morning.

The next morning, Chhoton visits Mrinalini’s office wanting to meet her, but the guard Ramlal prevents him from entering. Chhoton, however, manages to leave a bundle of books at the office.

Meanwhile, Jhanak prepares for her examination. Anirudhha reminds her that they will return to Kolkata after the exam, but Jhanak doesn’t want to cause any further issues between them. In Kolkata, Arshi is advised to reconsider her decision to marry Anirudhha. Despite this, Arshi is determined to marry him under any circumstances.

Shristi, Arshi’s mother, expresses her doubts about Anirudhha and foresees potential problems with Jhanak’s arrival in Kolkata. Arshi assures her mother that nothing bad will happen and apologizes for her previous behavior. Vinayak supports Arshi, telling Shristi to let them live their lives as they choose.

Arshi calls Anirudhha to inquire about Jhanak’s whereabouts. Anirudhha lies, saying he doesn’t know if Jhanak has left for the exam center, and claims he slept in a separate room.

Next Day: Anirudhha will bring Jhanak back to the Bose house, leading to an outburst of anger from Arshi.

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