Jhanak 28th June 2024 Written Update: hanak’s Doubts Grow

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode begins with Aniruddha rejecting the homemade food prepared by Jhanak. Despite her efforts, he intentionally refuses to eat it, wanting to hurt her feelings. He quickly grabs other food instead.

Next, the elders start the Ashirbad ceremony, blessing the newlywed couple. Family members take turns praising their bond and wishing them well. However, Jhanak feels uneasy about these comparisons and the attention to their chemistry.

Towards the end, Shristi is called to bless her daughter and son-in-law. Aniruddha openly declares his love for Arshi, causing guests to doubt his relationship with Jhanak. They gossip about why Aniruddha got involved with Jhanak and criticize her for bringing disgrace to the Bose family. Shristi praises Arshi, calling her the goddess Laxmi of Aniruddha’s life, and emphasizes that taking care of Arshi will bring him more success. Aniruddha promises to respect and cherish Arshi.

Outside the house, Mrinalini and Chhoton continue their argument, mocking each other. Mrinalini’s father wants her to marry Chhoton, but they keep bickering. Chhoton’s odd behavior raises doubts in Amitabh’s mind. When they enter the house, they are warmly welcomed by the Bose family. After many years, these two families reunite and reminisce, especially Aniruddha’s grandfather and Amitabh.

Later, Appu enters the hall and talks with Mrinalini. Chhoton looks for ways to avoid her. Suddenly, Appu announces Chhoton and Mrinalini’s marriage, embarrassing both of them. The whole family starts discussing this new development.

Jhanak sees Aniruddha’s happiness and starts doubting his previous declarations of love for her.

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