Jhanak 30th June 2024 Written Update: Tensions Rise During Haldi Ceremony

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode of Jhanak on 30th June 2024 starts with Vipasha insisting that Jhanak should dance at the Haldi function. Despite not wanting to dance, Jhanak finally agrees due to everyone’s requests and performs the song “Rang De.”

Jhanak tries her best, and Aniruddha keeps staring at her while she dances. However, after the dance, Jhanak faints and falls to the ground. Aniruddha becomes worried about her condition, but Vipasha prevents him from approaching Jhanak, stating that all Hindu marriage rituals must be completed.

Chhotan and Ajanta come to help Jhanak. Ajanta scolds Jhanak for not eating anything since morning. Aniruddha asks Chhoton to bring a first aid kit from her room. Jhanak apologizes to everyone for the disruption in the program. Vipasha disregards Jhanak’s injury and tells her to ignore the small accident. At Ajanta’s request, Jhanak eats some food. The Haldi function resumes, but Aniruddha remains distracted.

Meanwhile, Arshi’s entire family waits for Aniruddha’s arrival. Arshi calls Aniruddha to wish him a happy married life. While talking to Arshi, Jhanak accidentally breaks a cup of tea. Both Vipasha and Aniruddha scold Jhanak for her carelessness. Vipasha believes that Jhanak is seeking Aniruddha’s attention and tells her to clean up the mess.

Jhanak is instructed to take various items to Arshi’s house along with other maids. Aniruddha feels bad for Jhanak but is helpless. Arshi calls Aniruddha again, asking when he will come to her house. In front of Jhanak, Aniruddha expresses his eagerness to see Arshi, making Jhanak realize the impact of her actions on him.

Shubha, Lal, and others get ready to go to Arshi’s house with the Haldi Tatwa. Jhanak is given Arshi’s expensive items to carry. Appu also wants to go with them. Vipasha insults Jhanak in various ways, and Aniruddha is surprised that Jhanak doesn’t defend herself. Jhanak remains silent. Vipasha and Lal don’t want to take Jhanak with them because Vipasha doesn’t want to care for her. Aniruddha requests Vipasha to take Jhanak along.

Next Day: Shristi insults Jhanak for causing trouble at Arshi’s Haldi function.

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