Jhanak 6th July 2024 Written Update: Struggle for Justice

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode begins with Shrishti insisting that Jhanak should be punished for her actions. Dadi agrees, stating that the culprit must face consequences. Choton suggests that the inspector conduct a thorough investigation. The inspector agrees, but Choton points out that only one person has accused Jhanak of attempting to burn Arshi, and no one else witnessed it. Shrishti silences Choton, warning him not to influence the inspector. Shubh and Lal also intervene to stop Choton. Bipasha brings Jhanak downstairs.

Shrishti introduces Jhanak Raina to the inspector, who asks Jhanak her name and her relationship with the family. Jhanak replies that she has no relationship with the family. Shrishti clarifies that while they have a distant relationship, Jhanak does not live with her but is currently in her would-be son-in-law’s house. Shrishti demands justice, stating that Jhanak is accused of trying to burn Arshi, making it an attempted murder case. Dadi taunts Jhanak as the tension builds.

Shrishti assures everyone that the police will now handle Jhanak. Bablu and Choton encourage Jhanak to answer the police truthfully, while Appu reassures her that they are all with her. The inspector asks Jhanak to speak, but Jhanak points out that he hasn’t asked her anything, just made statements. Shrishti mocks Jhanak, calling her clever. Tanuja expresses her frustration with Jhanak’s drama. Lal reveals they have proof against Jhanak. Bipasha supports the claim, saying they all witnessed Jhanak trying to harm Arshi, who was getting married. Arshi, a dancer, had her feet burnt due to Jhanak’s actions.

Anirudh, meanwhile, speaks to the doctor about Arshi’s condition. The doctor explains that Arshi believes someone tried to kill her, leaving her traumatized and fearful that she can never dance again. The doctor suggests that punishing the culprit might help Arshi recover. Anirudh is determined to support Arshi and manage all expenses for her treatment.

The inspector asks Jhanak if she accepts the crime of burning Arshi. Jhanak claims it was an accident, but the inspector accuses her of lying. Choton defends Jhanak, saying the inspector wasn’t there to witness it. Shrishti and Shubh tell Choton to be quiet. The inspector decides to take Jhanak to the police station for further interrogation. Anjana pleads not to take Jhanak, fearing it will ruin her career. Shrishti angrily argues, and Dadi asks Choton to stay silent. The inspector takes Jhanak away, despite Bipasha and Tanuja urging for strict punishment.

Shubh claims to know the extent of Jhanak’s actions, while Choton insists they can’t just take her away. The inspector asserts his authority, stating they can take Jhanak into custody and release her if proven innocent. Bablu questions how they will compensate for her mental trauma and societal insult, but the inspector dismisses his concerns. As the constable takes Jhanak away, Appu begs them not to, insisting Jhanak is innocent. Jhanak tells Appu not to cry and accepts her fate.

Mrinalini is engrossed in her work when Choton arrives to seek her help. Initially dismissive, she eventually agrees to assist after hearing about the situation. Choton urges her to become an eyewitness, reminding her of her records. Though hesitant, Mrinalini agrees to help, believing in Jhanak’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Anirudh visits Arshi, promising her that she will dance again and participate in dance reality shows. He vows to punish the culprit and expresses his love for Arshi, who remains unresponsive.

Next Day: Anirudh returns home to find out that Jhanak has been arrested from Appu. Shocked, he vows to get her back while promising to find and punish the real culprit. The inspector pressures Jhanak for a confession, but Jhanak remains firm, stating she will accept punishment if proven guilty.

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