Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th July 2024 Written Update: Savi and Rajat’s Unplanned Encounter

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GHKKPM Today Episode: The episode begins with Shantanu questioning Isha’s intentions about inviting Urmila. Isha brushes it off and later visits Bhagyasree to share the news of Savi’s engagement.

At Bhagyasree’s house, Isha reveals Savi’s engagement news and taunts Bhagyasree about Rajat’s delayed marriage. Bhagyasree responds, and Isha leaves after a brief exchange. Bhagyasree tells Raju they need to arrange Rajat’s marriage soon.

Meanwhile, Rajat and Savi emerge from the dressing room together, leading to an argument. A bystander mistakenly thinks they are a couple and takes their photo, which Rajat deletes angrily. Shashank clarifies that Savi is his fiancée and asks Rajat to give him the suit he wanted. Rajat complies and leaves.

Isha thanks Savi for giving her relationship with Shashank a chance, despite her reservations. Rajat prepares to leave with Saisha when Tara informs him that Mamta, an influencer, and her sister-in-law, will join them for the CEO award ceremony. Rajat, Saisha, and Mamta head to the party.

Harsh arrives at the ceremony with Ashika, who comments on his winning streak. Savi and Shashank also attend the event. Rajat, Saisha, and Mamta reach the ceremony, where Ashika spots Saisha. Harsh inquires why Ashika is watching her ex-husband, to which she explains she’s looking at Saisha. Harsh makes a remark on this.

Savi notices Rajat and wonders if Saisha is also present. Rajat sees Saisha with Ashika and quickly takes her away. Harsh discusses his post-award party plans with another guest, confident of his victory.

Saisha tries to talk to Savi, who teaches her table manners. Observers praise Saisha’s upbringing, prompting Rajat to clarify that Bhagyasree, not Saisha’s mother, raised her well.

The host announces that the revenue minister will present the best CEO award. Rajat wins and taunts Harsh for celebrating prematurely. Savi observes Rajat’s focus on Ashika rather than Saisha.

Next Day: Rajat misbehaving with Savi in an intoxicated state.

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