Jhanak 1st july 2024 Written Update: Anirudh and Jhanak’s Ring Controversy

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Jhanak Today Episode: The episode begins with Arshi confronting Anirudh about a ring gifted by Jhanak. She presents the bill as proof and accuses Anirudh of lying to her. Tanuja and Dadi intervene, pressing Anirudh to explain. Lal questions why such a minor issue is causing so much trouble.

Anirudh, frustrated, asserts his right to handle his personal matters and insists on keeping the ring. Arshi, angered by his defiance, challenges him, even suggesting she might cancel the marriage if he refuses to remove the ring.

Tanuja interjects, questioning Anirudh’s recurring threat. Appu, Anirudh’s sister, supports him and reminds him of Jhanak. Arshi, feeling insulted, argues further, but Anirudh stands firm, asserting his autonomy and emotional attachment to the ring. After Arshi leaves in a huff, Anirudh calls Jhanak to update her. He confesses the turmoil caused by the ring and Jhanak reassures him, advising him to explain it as a wedding gift to his family.

The conversation is cut short due to poor signal, leaving Jhanak worried. Meanwhile, Tejas, a menacing presence, plans with his accomplice to manipulate Jhanak’s situation. An officer, Subhashish, contacts Jhanak as per Anirudh’s request, offering her protection and urging her to change her SIM card to avoid detection by Tejas. Despite initial reluctance, Jhanak complies with her safety, trusting Anirudh’s concern.

In a surprising turn, Tejas announces Jhanak’s presence to the media, declaring their impending marriage, leaving Anirudh stunned and distressed upon hearing the news.

Next Day: Tejas unveils Jhanak to the media, announcing their upcoming marriage, leaving Anirudh shocked and bewildered.

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